WTW Company

Since 2011, WTW is a company of the Xylem Group, which operates worldwide in its core business of water. Xylem has set a goal to contribute to the improvement of water management with innovative solutions and technologies in the world.The product range from WTW offers the world’s most complete line of pH/ORP, D.O, BOD ,Respirometry, Conductivity Instruments, Turbidity Meters and Photometers including reagents.

EC, pH meters

pH 7310
Bench top
• USB interface
• Data output in csv format
• Optional integrated printer
pH 7110
Bench top
• Automatic Auto Read function
• Calibration timer
• Easy handling
pH 3110
• pH or ORP measurements
• Easy 1- to 3-point calibration with
adjustable calibration timer
• Robust and waterproof (IP 67)
pH 3210
• Graphic display with plain text menu
• 1- to 5-point calibration
• CMC function for monitoring the
measuring range
Cond 7310
Bench top
• USB interface for fast data transfer
• Data output in .csv format or via
optional built-in printer
• Battery or AC power operation
Cond 7110
Bench top
• Easy and intuitive operation
• Measuring range up to 1000 mS/cm
• Including stand and sensor holder
Cond 3210
• Suitable for TetraCon® 325 or KLE 325
• Automatic temperature compensation
• Salinity
Cond 3210
• Convenient user guidance
• Manual storage function
• For all common WTW conductivity cells
Multi 9310• Measuring consistency without compromises
• Digital sensor recognition
• Complete documentation